My mother's kitchen drawer

A few years ago I looked into one of my Mom's kitchen drawers and laughed. It was a wreck. It's a deep drawer and can hold a lot. But do you know what I found? I found thousands of bag ties. You know, the kind of colored ties that are on a loaf of bread or you use on a trash bag. Not only did I find hundreds that were new, I FOUND A LOT THAT WERE USED! If you have hundreds that are new sitting in a drawer do you think you're going to use the ones that are used?

I also found a gazillion rubber bands. Same thing here, a lot were new but there were a lot of used ones.

Let me also reveal to you they were not organized in any fashion. They were just thrown into the drawer. I began organizing cuz I just couldn't help myself. Is that a sickness? I threw away used bag ties. I told my mom if they couldn't fit in a snack sized plastic bag she didn't need it. She disagreed so I filled a sandwich bag full of the twist-ties.

That was the beginning of cleaning out the drawer. It took us quite a while to get through all the utensils in the drawer. We found a few things she'd been looking for. We found lots of things she could live without.

After we finished the drawer she was really happy with it and we went to work on one kitchen cabinet. She was happy once it was organized, de-cluttered and clean.

Those small projects were all we had time for on that particular visit.

Every time I visit my Mom's house I sneak in the drawer and throw out all the used twist-ties. It's going to take A LOT to break that habit! (HER habit, not mine)

Do you have a habit like this? Quit it! You'll be glad you did.

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