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A recent Talbot’s survey discovered that 80 percent of women ages 35 to 65 do not wear at least 25 percent of the clothes in their closets. Forty percent admitted they buy clothes in a smaller size because they plan to lose weight, 36 percent said their unworn items still need to be tailored, and 20 percent said their unworn clothes no longer suit their lifestyle.
-by Talbots

GET RID OF 75% OF YOUR CLOTHES THIS WEEK! I have seriously been looking hard at my closet. I had a baby two years ago, I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight and the popular style of clothes is making a very big change.

I have lots of button down shirts that are fitted and look very nice. However, these are quickly going out of style in favor of a completely different look. I've been thinking it's time to clean out my closet.

I weed my closet monthly, taking note of clothes that I no longer FEEL good in, and I donate them to the food pantry. But I'm feeling a need for a complete closet/shirt overhaul.

When I decide the time is right to rotate my winter/summer clothes I'm going to be ruthless and hopefully I'll get rid of the 75% of my wardrobe that I'm no longer actually wearing.

Take the challenge with me! You'll love it when you're done!

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