Get your kid dressed!

Recently a friend of mine shared with me how she gets her daughter out the door for school without any hassles when it comes to getting dressed. I wanted to share her great idea with you.

"Mom" helps "daughter" pick out her clothes for the week on Sunday nights. She hangs them in the spare bedroom and that way when she gets up in the mornings, she just goes in, picks out one of her five outfits and puts it on. It really does make their mornings so much better. There's the occasional need to switch out one outfit for the other, but most of the time, what she picks out on Sunday, is what she wears during the week.

If you don't have a spare bedroom you can simply designate a spot for the weeks' outfits, whether it's a spot in the closet or a corner of the room. Don't forget to do the same for shoes that match the outfits, socks, tights, hair clips, whatever.

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